Eight Away is a breakaway roping product used many different ways for your roping practice.  It is the only breakaway that doesn’t require you to cut the hondo off of your rope to use.  This will leave the balance, weight and feel of your rope unchanged making your practice as close to using a regular rope.  Along with that the eight away has a minimal fly back toward your horse keeping your horse from shying away when the rope breaks.  It is simple to use and very durable, making Eight Away “The Ultimate Breakaway!”

Eight Away was designed by Chris Glover and manufactured by RItchie Livestock ID until June 2016 by the Lemond and King families.  It has moved to Texas where it is family owned and operated.  Eight Away has been and always will be made in the United States of America!  We are very proud of that fact and look forward to doing business with you and helping you in any way possible.  Thank you for your interest in Eight Away and God Bless!